HeartWood Exterior Doors

HeartWood is dedicated to the art and science of fenestration and entry systems since 1947. Heartwood produces beauty, durability, function and quality into its high quality windows and doors. Windows and doors are one of the most important architectural elements of any building structure. While engineering and designing to protect from the elements, operation is central to design and function. Windows and doors are the only major design element to be seen from both the outside and inside, requiring specialized care, details, and integration into the building's overall design.

Using sophisticated technology and high quality raw materials, HeartWood Fine Windows and Doors brings the past, present and future together with its magnificently crafted products. HeartWood's windows and doors, conceived and nurtured in a century past, are built and designed to last into this century and beyond.

Quality and Elegance

Quality, elegance and ease of operation help to define the HeartWood Window products. HeartWood manufactures single hung, double hung, triple hung windows, all with countless window design options. 

  • Classic concealed balances with lift individual sash weighing up to 90 lbs.

  • Traditional weight & chain balances in nearly every size or weight

  • Wood or aluminum framed screen option

  • Concealed roll screens


Custom architectural windows and doors by HeartWood, provide almost infinite design options. HeartWood Windows and Doors are built by highly skilled professionals who have dedicated their passion to excellence in the field with their high-quality, crafted products.  HeartWood products start with the finest materials available,  Honduran Mahogany (swietenia macrophylla), the superlative species for external applications known for its natural beauty, stability, and resistance to decay. Many other fine species such as Spanish Cedar, Douglas Fir, Larch, Walnut, White Oak, Walnut, and Black Cherry are also used, depending on the demands of the project and desires of the customer.

Our Full Line of HeartWood Exterior Doors

  • Custom

  • Double

  • Entry

  • French

  • Lift & Slide

  • Single

  • Sliders

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