Norwood Patio Doors

Norwood, a division of West-Wood Industries, is a family-owned manufacturer of some of the finest wood doors in North America. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh realities of our winters and made with the preservation of our environment in mind, all Norwood products are built to last a lifetime.

Norwood doors specialize in dramatic entrances.

The luxurious texture of real wood, refined sensibilities of quality metal fixtures and superb craftsmanship down to the most intricate detail are sure to grab the attention of even the most detached observer. Whether you are looking for security, energy efficiency, or that certain indefinable "wow" factor, we are confident that our impressive selection of fine interior and exterior doors will outshine the competition in every aspect but one -- price.

First impressions are often difficult to forget. Let the entrance to your home or office leave one that your guests will remember forever - for all the right reasons.

Our Full Line of Norwood Patio Doors

  • Garden Patio

  • Sliding Patio

  • Sliding Glass Doors

  • French Doors

  • Sliding Doors

  • Swing Doors

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