Green Solutions and Practices

HARBROOK Fine Windows, Doors & Hardware chooses to work with vendors who are environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible in their business practices. Our manufacturers are chosen based on their artistry, quality and compatibility with our own company philosophy of maintaining high standards and strong ethics. We partner with businesses who, like ourselves, believe that small businesses serve their communities by providing high quality goods and services to their customers.

We provide our employees with fair wages and employee benefits, a healthy work environment, and a good quality of workday life. Harbrook’s roof now has a full array of solar roof panels, cutting our carbon emissions dramatically. We are currently exploring the installation of an electric charging station for vehicles.

In our day-to-day operations, Harbrook looks to green solutions. Harbrook recycles old materials where possible and began its green practices long before it was popular to do so. Harbrook has worked on LEED Certified projects and has recycled old sash and materials from renovation projects. Harbrook donates recycled old windows, doors, architectural hardware and ornamental building materials to the Historic Albany Foundation and Habitat For Humanity in Albany, New York, when possible.

Our customers can find out facts and frequently asked questions about Green Building by visiting the following sites:

Notable Green Projects & Awards

HARBROOK Fine Windows, Doors & Hardware is proud of its recent work on several award winning and industry recognized Green Building projects. Harbrook has worked on several Green projects including LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) residential projects, LEED certified commercial projects, and on Green Building Certified residential construction projects.  Harbrook is able to apply its Go Green philosophy and knowledge about energy efficient windows and doors to many award-winning projects. 

Harbrook is proud of its collaboration with several award-winning Architects and Builders who choose Harbrook for their high quality windows, doors and hardware that maintain energy efficiency, minimize heat loss, and originate from sustainable sources and manufacturers. Please see our harbrook/portfolio page to learn about our notable and award winning projects.