Unilux Exterior Doors


Lift and Slide Doors, Bi-Fold Doors & Patio Doors

Unilux offers Entrance, Lift and Slide, Tilt Turn, Bi-Fold, Pocket, Swinging, and Patio doors in Wood-Aluminum clad and solid Wood designs. No matter which options you choose, timber or metal, masterful European Design is Unilux Doors. 


All Unilux wood profiles are pre-finished at the factory using an environmentally friendly four-phase, water-borne process. Different finish offerings, specifically designed for each particular wood species, both protect the wood from harmful UV rays and enhance the natural character.  With 189 colors to choose from, choices are imaginable! Unilux also offers a selection of transparent and semi-transparent colors (e.g. oak, cherry, mahogany).


Wood species include: Scandanavian Pine, Larch, Oak, Alder, and Exotic wood.  Unilux balances the natural resiliency of each species with exquisite design aesthetics.

Our Full Line of Unilux Entrance Doors

  • Wood-Aluminum Doors

  • Wood Doors

  • Lift and Slide

  • Bi-Fold

  • Swinging

  • Pocket

  • Patio

  • Entrance Doors

  • 189 Color choices

  • Sliding Doors

  • French Doors

  • Sliding Glass Doors

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