Customer Testimonials & Letters

The service provided by you and your employees has also gone above and beyond.

Hello Tom,

We wanted to thank you for everything you did for us with our new house. We absolutely love our windows and doors! We are attaching some photos for you to see how they look in the new house. They provide so much natural sunlight, and the view that the windows afford is amazing!

As we've expressed before, we are grateful for the hours you spent with us in the design phase of the project. Designing an entire home is daunting, and you steered us towards windows and doors that fit the style we wanted to achieve, while keeping us within budget. Your experience and sense of space made our home much better.

Thank you for the extra effort and time you took to replace our front door. It is the first thing everyone sees as they approach and enter our home, and people never fail to tell us how much they love it! With heavy wood construction, smooth hinges and beautiful lock set, it feels solid and good.”

“Dear Leo,

Many thanks. The windows look wonderful. Quite an upgrade. Your contractors did an excellent job. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.”


-A & T



Congratulations on being featured in the ArchDaily for the “Tinker Box”/Studio MM; the Project looks awesome. The architect speaks very highly of you.”



“Dear Tom,

The service provided by you and your employees has also gone above and beyond. When our rear door came and did not have the lock hole drilled out, you sent an employee promptly to drill the hole. He ont only drilled the hole, but installed our lock set as well. We did not expect this. When our final front door came in, you scheduled its delivery within days. Again, the employee who came to install the door was top notch. He spent at least three hours at our house replacing the front door, primarily because of the high standards he set for his installation. He kept at it until it opened and closed perfectly. His attention to detail is not always seen in contractors.

We look forward to many enjoyable years in our new house, and your windows and doors make our house extra special. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone looking to build a new home or replace their windows and/or doors. Thank you again and happy New Year!”


-J & K E.


“It was a pleasure dealing with Harbrook. You made the whole process seamless. We were incredibly impressed with your crew. It is obvious they take great pride in their work. Thank you again.”



“Dear Tom,

Thanks for running a great business! More than that, thanks for being honorable and a pleasure to work with. Best to you & yours.”



“Gentlemen and Ladies,

I am writing to thank everyone at Harbrook for their assistance in our window replacement project with Marvin Integrity windows. We are pleased with the appearance of the new windows.

A special thanks to Leo for his excellent choice of window model to achieve a great fit in our existing home. A second thank you Leo, for delivering the windows early so I could stain the windows and mouldings prior to installation.

Special thanks to your installer for his excellent installation of our new windows. His installation included superbly fabricated extension jambs and window stools along with colonial moulding.

Thanks again for everyone's assistance in helping us improve our home's appearance both inside and out.”

Sincerely yours,

Arthur C.


“Dear Tom,

I wanted to send a note of appreciation for all the work you have been doing for us. He spent a lot of time giving us a tour of the showroom, explaining all of our options in Marvin windows. When we submitted our long list of pricing requests and followed up with what seemed to us to be an avalanche of additional questions, your showroom manager answered everything immediately. We are building a new house in the coming year, and it's nice to come across someone so open and helpful. Thanks so much.”



"Thank you Tom!

The work was done in a fine manner-- your employee was excellent in his interactions with me, courteous and well-informed, and he completed the work very well. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you in the future."

-Lisa D.



Summer is here, and I have to pass along what I noticed because I am using the air conditioning a bit. Not only can I hear the air conditioner running, I don't believe it IS running half as much as it did before I purchased the new windows. No kidding!  It's still astonishing to me how much of a difference the new windows made in this house.

I hope you're keeping busy and that all's well. I'm still droppying your name when people inquire about window replacements. Take care!"

-Karen N.



I am thrilled with my new door, and the couple who did the installation were fantastic. Their work was meticulous. Thank you so much!”



"Thanks for all your help with our window project.  The results were excellent!"



“Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to share my recent experiences with your company and your personnel. As a small business owner, I know all too well the difference employee attitude, knowledge and follow-up can make in the success or failure of a company. My experiences with Marvin and Harbrook score well higher than the 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

After much consideration and evaluation, I decided to purchase Marvin's line of Integrity Windows for renovations on my home. I placed my order with the Harbrook Company. They took my order with a very assuring sense of professionalism and expertise. My windows were delivered exactly as ordered within the time frame Harbrook promised. Sadly, as they were unpacked and checked, various damages and defects were found. A call to Harbrook was immediately acted upon with the same courtesy and professionalism they had previously displayed. They returned my call in a matter of minutes and said one of their representatives would be at my home that day or no later than the next to inspect the windows and make the necessary adjustments. About a half hour later, I received a second call from them telling me a Marvin representative was in my area and would be at my home that day.

This was my first introduction to Mr. Ford. I envy you for having him in your employ. There aren't enough positive adjectives to describe how well he handled the situation. Polite, concise, knowledgeable, courteous and consoling are just a few. He inspected every window, made careful notes of every detail, promised replacement or repair of defective parts and was apologetic for any inconvenience that may have been caused.  Then, surprisingly, the next day Mr. Ford reappeared at my home. Some of his notes "bothered" him, and he wanted to recheck some issues to insure I would be completely satisfied with the results. I was impressed. He returned exactly at the time agreed upon and, once again, inspected each window and made every repair and replacement exactly as promised.

I would like to thank all of the people at Harbrook and Marvin for the way I was treated. I am very pleased with every aspect of this experience and would readily recommend Harbrook and Marvin Windows & Doors.”


Herb F.



All I can say is I was told early in the project by a professional in the business, that your competition would not stand behind problems but that your Harbrook and Marvin would. I now understand. You guys stepped up to the wasted no time in fixing the problem. No arguments...I'm sold."

-D. P.


"Dear Tom,

We absolutely love the window; it changes the entire look of the kitchen and adds so much more light. Thank you so much for talking me into that windows. It was a great choice! Thanks again for all your help with everything. The house is looking so much better."



"Dear Leo,

Thank you so very much for your infinite patience and the courteous manner in responding to all my phone calls. It has been a pleasure working with you. I wish you and your family a lovely holiday season."


-E & M  E



I just wanted to thank you for all your help, and Paul’s too!! The doors went in perfectly. They function flawlessly and are extremely well made! I couldn’t be happier, and I will make sure to send business your way in the future. Thanks for the great service!! It’s a very rare commodity these days!!”



"Dear Tom

I am writing to thank you for replacing the door handle. Thank you so much! I love doing business with you. You not only sell the best, but you ARE the best! I hope this finds you well."




"Dear Tom,

I just wanted to thank you for your quick response for the warranty statement for our windows. Your men did a great job, and it is so nice to be able to see out of them! It makes the cabin look great! Once again, thanks."

-Mike D.  


"Dear Leo,

Thanks so much for forwarding the estimates as you had promised. Thanks again for being so prompt with the estimate."

-Susan J.



"Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!"

-Lisa A.


"Thanks Tom,

We are very happy with the doors & all the men who came to the house were great - very polite and professional!"

-Don & Ann L.


"Thanks SO VERY MUCH, Tom.  Wonderful job on our historic windows!"

K & P


"Dear Tom & Leo,

My new window and I have been co-habitating now for two months and I am happy to say "I'm Lovin' it!"  Tom, thank you so much for helping me choose the perfect syle. Leo, thank you so much for making it a perfect fit.  Also, as before, your installers were fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are the BEST!"

Linda P.


"Hi Tom,

I received your e-mail with the data on the windows and I appreciate that you responded so quickly. The Information was what I needed, and I'll be applying for my rebate ASAP. We have installed the three windows in the bedroom, and the job went quickly and smoothly. We are very pleased with them, and the room is not only warmer and airtight, but quieter as well! Thank you again for your attention. Meg and I both want to extend our best wishes to you for a happy holiday season."

Tom B.


"Dear Leo,

Thank you for guiding us through our project. The entire process was much simpler than we envisioned. We only wish now whe had done it years ago! The Marvin windows are of impressive quality. Thanks you to Tom and his crew as well. The entire house was transformed with merely a tap of a magical wand (and a few hits of a hammer)."

Li & Bob F.


"Dear Joan,

We received all the pulls and the knobs last week. Thank you for your fast delivery. We got to show the customers, and they loved them. Thanks for everything."

-Tammy V.



Thanks. Your company came highly recommended and now I can see why."

-C & CB



Thanks very much for taking care of our window issue at our house. The windows are great, and the service you give us is even better. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.”

-Matt P.



It's been a pleasure working with you and Harbrook. The window order has been so well organized, deliveries have been smooth and your drivers have been very helpful. Thank you.”

-Brian M.


“Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for your work on the door for the barn. You always do the best work. Again, thank you. ”

All my best,

-Anne B.


“Dear Leo,

Thank you for my installation! What a wonderful crew. My windows are lovely and well installed.”

-Penney R.


“Dear Tom,

My thanks to you and all who worked on our windows project. With Pella and so many other companies pushing their products, I know we made the right choice with Harbrook. I'll be thinking about you this winter when we are enjoying the benefits of our new Marvin Windows.”

-Gary R.


"Dear Mr. Brooks,

We recently purchased windows from your company and just wanted to take a moment to let you know about our experience. We started with Roger. His amazing knowledge of windows was only outshined by his patience with us. Then came Leo , out to measure and fix all of our measuring mistakes, then your installer Tom and crew went to work. They were prompt, courteous, professional and amazingly efficient. Harbrook was fabulous about helping us with trim choices so that the windows fit the look of our circa 1880 home (something the old windows never did). We probably could have gotten cheaper replacement windows, but they never would have matched the beauty and quality of the ones we now have, and we definitely wouldn't have gotten the same level of service. Thank you for your intelligent and conscientious approach to doing business. We are very satisfied customers."

-Bruce & Dawn M.