Centor Integrated Doors


Centor Integrated Door Systems, incorporate the seamless operation and function of exterior doors with hardware and screening to bring the outdoors inside! Centors folding doors, bi-fold doors, and sliding door systems allow you to connect and divide living areas, create vistas, bring in natural light and fresh air, and seamlessly join indoor and outdoor activities. Doors stack to the sides, and have no posts or fixed door panels to block views or breezes. 

Centor Integrated doors offer quality, style, ease, reliability, security, fingertip weather and sound proofing, energy efficiency, and carry a 10-year guarantee. 

Ease of operation

Centor's Folding and sliding doors move elegantly and easily with Centor's unique fingertip operating hardware, even at their maximum specifications. Centor's largest system can carry eight panels in each direction weighing up to 120 kg each and operate effortlessly. 

Centor folding systems also offer the unique feature of both horizontal and vertical adjustment. This compensates for building movement and out-of-alignment openings, allowing doors to operate smoothly even in imperfect conditions.Features include articulated carriers and a unique, patented adjustment system. Articulated carriers allow the doors to roll smoothly even in out-of-alignment openings.  


Centor's folding door hardware is completely secure through a combination of innovative design and robust materials. The stainless steel fittings are mostly concealed, and any accessible hardware cannot be removed or tampered with. Hinges are secure with hidden hinge cap fasteners, and screw fixings are not externally accessible. This is complemented by vertical and horizontal adjustment, using Centor's Surelock™ technology. The adjustment compensates for building movement or imperfect openings. Once door heights have been set, Surelock ensures they stay that way.

Water and wind resistance

Centor's patented weather-sealing technology also leads to improved energy efficiency and noise resistance. The large range of carrying capacities also means you can choose the exact door material you want to meet your energy efficiency requirements. Door panels up to 120kg each can be accommodated, allowing for double or triple glazed doors.Folding doors using Centor hardware systems have been tested to resist water infiltration and wind beyond AS2047. Centor offers a system that has passed Miami-Dade County hurricane standards, the toughest weather testing in the world.

Air infiltration

Centor folding systems push door panels snugly against weather seals, providing air infiltration resistance up to 50 times better than sliding doors. This means there is less temperature transferred between inside and outside, and less heat is lost through your doors in winter. This function also improves sound attenuation.

Our Full Line of Centor Integrated Doors

  • Sliding Doors

  • Folding Doors

  • Bi-Fold Systems

  • Patio Doors

  • Retractable Door Screens

  • Sliding Door Hardware

  • Exterior Doors

  • Integrated Doors

  • Adjustable Doors 

  • Concealed hardware

  • Sliding Glass Doors

  • French Doors

  • Bi-Folding Doors

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