Unilux Windows


Sophistication in every detail!  Unilux, through years of innovation and manufacturing technology, has become the market leader for wood windows in Europe. Unilux is proud to exhibit state of the art engineering techniques developed over decades with its vast product line, designed to complement many types of buildings, from custom homes to major office buildings. With attention to details, energy efficiency, sound control, beauty and durability,  Unilux Windows and Doors offer many types of solutions.

Multi-Purpose Windows

A lot is expected of modern windows. Windows are our access to the world, but they also must offer security; bring in light with the seasons; stop air, cold and sound with maximum energy efficiency; and yield aesthetics. Unilux Windows & Doors does all this with windows made from wood and/ or wood-aluminum clad, offering state of the art performance in matters of energy efficiency, insulation, security, sound attenuation and beauty.

European Styling

  • Unilux products are based on the European tilt-turn design platform. The tilt-turn has been the market leader in Germany since the 1960′s and offers many benefits.

  • Easy to reach from the inside, easy to clean

  • Gasket-style weather stripping system

  • Triple seal / overlay design

  • Extremely secure and energy efficient due to fully concealed multi-point locking hardware

Fixed glazing

  • Tilt in window (also known as hopper)

  • Inward opening tilt and turn 

  • Select wood species in Oak. Alder, Scandanavian Pine, Larch & Exotic Wood species

Wood & Wood-Clad Aluminum Windows by Unilux

A wise man once said, not everything that looks good is good and not everything that is good, looks good. With Unilux, you can have both. With a weather resistant aluminum covering you can enjoy wood's naturalness without having to maintain the exterior. Aluminum is a natural shield against the elements.

  • Durable, extruded aluminum cladding offered in a virtually unlimited number of colors for low maintenance. 

  • Barely visible, EPDM synthetic rubber weather stripping. 

  • Thermally enhanced "warm edge" spacer bars increase energy performance and resistance to condensation.

  • High performance triple glazed glass packs offered in a variety of configurations including laminated and tempered. Cutting edge low e coatings. 

  • Premium wood-working. Strong joints and laminations. Exemplary pre-finished interiors in a vast selection of transparent and semi-transparent colors specifically designed for each wood species.

  • Well-conceived attachment detail ensures aluminum never touches wood. Benefits include decreased thermal bridging between wood and aluminum, and the ability for materials to expand and contract at natural rates.

  • Robust, yet imperceptible multi-functioning hardware system.

Shapes, Grids & Divided Lites

The possibilities are endless. Triangles, circles, arches, round top, camber top and trapezoids; Unilux windows offers them all. Divided lites are an important architectural element.  They affect the style of a home and can give your project a personal touch.  Unilux offers options for any style and function.

Affordable solutions

Unilux brings many solutions to the marketplace, from custom homes to major office complexs,  Unilux's unique window and door options are made with high quality, European design, all at a competitive price.

Our Full Line of Unilux Windows

  • European Styling

  • Robust European Hardware

  • Select Wood Species

  • Tilt n' Turn

  • Triple Glaze

  • Wood-Clad Aluminum

  • Wood

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